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 Remodeling a bathroom can be both costly and time consuming. Everyone knows that a kitchen remodel can costs tens of thousands of dollars, but a bathroom remodel is often nearly just as expensive if you’re remodeling from scratch. To limit your renovation budget, there are some great ways to reduce your project scope while still getting a completely updated space.

DIY and Reuse the Fixtures

The best way to save money with a bathroom renovation is to do it your self and keep the most expensive materials, which include the toilet, shower and, sink or vanity. Most new bathrooms today will have bright white toilets, showers and, sink tops. If your bathroom has those items and they’re in good shape, you could save thousands of dollars by just leaving them along. Don’t reflexively change them because they’re older unless they don’t work. If you keep those items, you can still replace the flooring material, update the sink, shower and vanity hardware and paint the walls for a completely new look to your bathroom. All of that remaining work like replacing the floor or wall tile, painting and even replacing shower and sink valves is very DIY friendly and just about anyone can handle those projects with limited experience and tools.

Paint the Vanity and the Room

Don’t underestimate the power of paint. In addition to painting the walls, consider painting the vanity cabinet and even the shower tiles if they are a dated color. Inexpensive vanity cabinets can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars. If the doors or drawer fronts are not in great shape and paint won’t salvage them, you can order replacement doors and drawer fronts online. You don’t even have to stick to what style you originally had, you can go from raised panel to shaker, for example. Just be sure to order the same size parts as the original. If you do plan on painting your vanity, you’ll need to either sand the cabinet down to bare wood or use a liquid de-glosser to remove the urethane coating. You should also use a quality primer before your finish paint.

New Countertop

Another great way of refreshing the look of your bathroom is to replace the vanity countertop. If you have a scratched, broken or ugly vanity counter, you should be able to buy a plug-and-play replacement for it. Most bathroom vanities are standard dimensions, so finding a replacement unit is as simple as measuring your cabinet width and getting a new countertop with a sink in the same place as your old one.

New Hardware

Lastly, to go along with any updates to your vanity, think about replacing all of your bathroom hardware. Think of it as the jewelry or accessories for the room; not key, but definitely important in terms updating a look. Swap out everything from doorknobs, drawer pulls to towel bars and light fixtures.

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