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About Us:  As a broker and owner of the company, I make sure every transaction is handled with excellence. Our team has a combined 28 yrs of experience representing buyers and sellers. We have closed over 900+ real estate transactions. We utilize our extensive networks and stay informed of the current market conditions. Call us today to discuss your situation. We can develop a customized plan to help you achieve your goals. Thank you for considering Sentell Real Estate. 

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    Knoxville Area Board Gamers

    Meet up and play games.

    KNOX UX Monthly meetup at (KEC) Knoxville Entrepreneur Center

    Knox UX

    Hello Knox_UXers! We are lucky to have been invited to use the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center (KEC) (17 Market Square - between Not Watson’s and CoCo Moon), for our monthly meetups giving us a much needed space to hold presentations,...

    Meet & Greet

    Knoxville Women's Support Meetup

    Hey, ladies! This meetup will just be a general meet & greet. I will have a sheet with a few questions on it to get a feel of what everyone is looking for and to help us solidify the direction we want to go.  I really, really want this group to...

    Hip-Hop Fitness by Greg Carney

    Living Life

    We will be squatting like a weightlifter, sweating like it's raining, reach for the ceiling, pushing to the sky, leg lifting like a band major, shufflin' like the group LMAO lol. This class is open to everyone. If you haven't joined us before...

  • A Budget Guide to Bathroom 865-966-1222

    A Budget Guide to Bathroom Remodels  Remodeling a bathroom can be both costly and time consuming. Everyone knows that a kitchen remodel can costs tens of thousands of dollars, but a bathroom remodel is often nearly just as expensive if you’re remodeling from scratch. To limit your renovation budget, there are some great ways to […]


    Designing Your Own Home Office-Sentell Real Estate-Knoxville, TN

    Designing Your Own Home Office Setting up a home office is easy to do. And with just a few crucial furniture pieces, organizational products, and design tips you, too, can be whistling while you work from your very own home office.Whether or not you work full-time from home, having a personal home office is a […]


    How to Fix a Slow-Draining Sink-Sentell Real Estate-Knoxville, TN

    How to Fix a Slow-Draining Sink Project Overview   TIME 45 minutes   COST $   DIFFICULTY Easy Tools and Materials Small bucket Gloves Pipe wrench (optional) One of the most annoying and frequent problems homeowners face is a slow bathroom or kitchen sink drain. Bathroom sinks can clog up fairly often depending upon what […]